ArtWeek Fork & Tune


Treats on Washington is excited to announce our ArtWeek event, Fork & Tune.  Fork & Tune is a dining experience that uses groundbreaking albums as inspiration for a 4 course meal served around one communal table.  This menu is designed to highlight not only the season's best ingredients, but also invoke the rhythm, timbre & theme of an album listened to from start to finish.  Guests are encouraged to interact with each other as well as the chef and host of the evening, Jessica Brown & Dana Briley.  This intimate setting provides the perfect venue for the ultimate synergy of food and music.  Seating is limited so reserve your seats as soon as possible.  This season's menu is inspired by Quentin Tarrantino's cult masterpiece, Pulp Fiction.



Seatings of Quentin Tarrantino's Pulp Fiction are available for Friday May 1st, Saturday May 2nd, Friday May 8th and Saturday May 9th.  Tickets are $40.  Reservations are being made quickly & seating is limited so call 617-202-5837 now to reserve your seat!





Pigs in a Blanket

housemade saucisson sec, blueberry pancakes, green cardamon spiced syrup, crumble

"Jackrabbit Slim's Twist Contest"

beautiful vegetable fries, housemade condiments, 5 dollar milk shake

Royale with Cheese

"they got the same shit over there that we got's just that over there it's a little different"

A Shot of Adrenaline

vanilla coke snow cone, drowned in sailor jerry


Non-alcoholic beverages are provided but guests are encouraged to bring accompanying beverages as well.