Fork & Tune


Fork & Tune is a dining experience that uses groundbreaking albums as inspiration for a five-course meal served around one communal table.  This menu is designed to highlight not only the season's best ingredients, but also evoke the rhythm, timbre, and theme of an album from start to finish.  Guests are encouraged to interact with each other as well as the chefs and hosts of the evening, Jessica Brown & Dana Briley.  This intimate setting provides the perfect venue for the ultimate synergy of food and music.  Seating is limited so reserve your seats as soon as possible!

Treats on Washington is happy to announce the highly anticipated return of Fork & Tune with this Valentine's Day addition of Andre 3000's, The Love Below.


7pm to 9pm
Saturday February 7th and Sunday February 9th
Saturday February 14th and Sunday February 15th

Reservations are limited so call 617-202-5837 now to reserve your seat!



The Love Below
savory broth, cheesy chive popover, sweet & sour beets

Mi Corazone
smoky beef heart empanadas, manchego pate, pequillo conserva

How Does Your Garden Grow?
beautiful seasonal vegetables & fruits with pretty accompaniments

Legs, Thighs, Breasts
the whole bird:

crunchy leg, confit thigh dumpling, smoked breast citrus agrodolce, charred scallion, turnip

My Favorite Things
passion fruit filled doughnut, white chocolate cocoa


*Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided;
guests are encouraged to bring accompanying beverages as well!